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Mould preheating oven PPF-1.00.000 technical data sheet

Mould preheating oven type PPF-1 is designed for preheating cast iron moulds for glassware and maintaining their constant temperature. Oven can be operated in manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes. Inside chamber is manufactured of high quality heat-proof stainless steel. High quality temperature insulation permits to reduce considerably oven heating time, effectively maintain necessary temperature inside the oven and ensures comfort temperature of outer surface. New design convection fan together with improved labyrinth air ducts ensure even temperature throughout the whole chamber. The oven is equipped with retracting table for moulds loading/unloading. The table has adjustable electromechanical drive protecting moulds from dropping at acceleration / deceleration in final positions. All the processes – opening the door, table movement outward, table movement inward and closing the door – are automated. Position of mechanisms is controlled via appropriate sensors. The oven is equipped by three-barrel burner for direct gas heating and adjustable decompression canals to prevent of  pressure increasing inside.

Principal technical data:

1 Width of internal chamber, mm, no more than 1220
2 Height of internal chamber, mm, no more than 960
3 Depth of internal chamber mm, no more than 1300
4 Operation temperature inside the chamber, °C, no more than 450
5 Mould total weight,  kg, no more than 1000
6 Mould height, mm, no more than 400
7 Table height over the floor, mm 730
8 Table dimensions, mm, no more than
With 1075
Depth 1150
9 Power supply:
Nominal voltage, V 220±11/380±19
Nominal frequency, Hz 50±0,4
10 Installed power, kW, no more than 4,5
11 Energy media natural gas
12 Nominal gas pressure, MPa 0,05±0,005
13 Burner nominal heating capacity, kW (kcal/hour) 48 (41270)
14 Outside dimensions, mm, no more than:
width 2500
depth 4000
height 2850
15 Weight, no more than 2700

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